Visu Best Comedy | Tamil Comedy Scenes | Visu Galatta Comedy Collection | Visu Hit Comedy || M. R. Viswanathan (born 1 July 1945), best known by his stage name Visu, is an Indian writer, director, stage, film and television actor and talk-show host. Visu initially worked as an assistant to director K. Balachander until becoming a director himself. He later began acting, with his first film being Kudumbam Oru Kadambam directed by S. P. Muthuraman. In the films directed by him, all characters were given equal importance. Often in his films, there was huge house wherein a joint family would reside and character of Visu would solve their problems.He was paired with K. R. Vijaya in Aval Sumangalithan wherein character of Karthik Muthuraman and Illavarasi were given importance in the second half of the film.Again in Veedu Manaivi Makkal, he was paired with K.R.Vijaya. He cast his brother Kishmu opposite Manorama in Chidambara Rahasyam and Vedikkai En Vadikkai.He casted M. N. Rajam as the evil mother-in-law in Penmani Aval Kanmani and as over cautious mother in Thirumathi Oru Vegamathi. His family dramas are laced with heavy dose of comedy along-with message for audience. The films like Samsaram Adhu Minsaaram, Penmani Aval Kanmani,Thirumathi Oru Vegumathi, Ketti Melam, Vaai Sollil Veerandi, Raja Thandiram, Dowry Kalyanam , Sakalakaala Sambandhi, Pudiya Sagaptham, Naanayam Ilatha Nanayam, Varvu Nalla Oravu, Vedikkai En Vadikkai, Manal Kayiru,Puyal Kadantha Bhoomi, Urimai Oonjal Adigirathu, Kanmani Poonga, Pattukotai Periyapa, Vaa Magale Vaa became blockbusters in the respire year of release, with them often coming in the top five highest grossing films of the year and are considered classics today. Each of them had the combination of director, writer of dialogues and screenplay writer and the main role being that of Visu. He often casted his brother Kishmu, S.V.Sekhar, Manorama, Kamla Kamesh, Delhi Ganesh, Dilip, Illavarasi, Illavarasan, Madhuri, Omakuchi Narasimhan in his directorial ventures. His film produced by Aidmk government Neengaa Nalla Irukkanam in 1992 and Meendum Savitri starring Revathi, were box office flops but were critically acclaimed.He also directed Prabhu in double role in Kavalan Avan Kovalan. He has sung songs in the films in Kaavalan Avan Kovalan and Pattukotai Periyappa.

He directed movies in Telugu as well. Adade Adharam was remake of Penmani Aval Kanmani.He acted in Telugu film Illu Illalu Pillalu directed by Dorai Raju, which was remake of Veedu Manaivi Makkal. He directed remake of his film Thirumathi Oru Vegumathi in Telugu as Srimathi Oka Baahumathi.

He also acted in films, wherein he was not the director like Oorukku Upadesham,Oomai Vizhigal, Mella Thirandha Kadavu , Veedu Manaivi Makkaal, Mappilai Sir, Uzhaipali,Vanaja Girija, Vanga Partner Vaanga — each of which had him in main role and became hits. He subsequently acted in supporting roles in films directed by others like Maya Bazar 1995, Irratai Roja, Arunachalam, Vasuki, Nesam,Aravindham, and Middle Class Madhavan. Visu is widely renowned for his wit and inspirational dialogues in films.


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