Johnny Lever Best Comedy | जॉनी लीवर बेस्ट कॉमेडी | Vinod Khanna | Raaj Kumar

Movie : Suryaa: An Awakening (1989)

Cast : Raaj Kumar | Vinod Khanna | Raj Babbar | Bhanupriya | Amrish Puri | Shakti Kapoor | Sushma Seth | Alok Nath | Salim Ghouse | Dinesh Hingoo

Plot : Thakur Gangadhar Choudhary rules a small community in rural India with an iron hand, and will never permit anyone to speak up against him. He owns most of the land surrounding his palatial home – save for the small patch of land owned by Veer Singh. He summons Veer to his house, and offers him substantial compensation for his land, but Veer refuses, and the Thakur has him killed. Veer’s widow dies of shock, leaving behind a young Suraj to be brought up by a kindly widow Mrs. Salma Khan, who is also the mother of Iqbal. Years go by, Suraj grows up joins the Indian Armed Forces, and after a meritorious career, he resigns and returns home to avenge his father’s death. What he does not know that he must first come to terms with the local Police Inspector Iqbal Khan, and then the wealthy Collector of the District, Rajpal Chauhan, before he can even think of touching a single hair of Gangadhar Choudhary.

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