The story begins with Shashank (Vishnu) who happens to be a marriage counselor and he has a situation. There is the beautiful girl Charu (Navya) who thinks that she is married to Shashank but the truth is she is suffering from a multiple personality disorder as she goes through a major accident. On the other hand, Shashank has another problem since the insurance agency led by a strict investigator (Ananth Nag) suspects that his claim for insurance about his wife’s (Lakshmi) death is fraudulent. To add to the woes, Charu’s real boyfriend (Vijaya Raghavendra) comes back and claims that Shashank has brainwashed her and is very enraged about the whole thing. Charu does not remember her past and at this point of time, Shashank reveals a truth that stuns all.

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