Starring : Karan Kundra, Sangram Singh, Nachhattar Gill, B N Sharma, Upaasna Singh, Rana Jung Bahadur, Savita Bhatti, Harpal Singh, Chandan Prabhakar, Deepak Raja
Director : Gaurav Singh
Produced by : Real World Entertainment
Co producer :Gulshan Verma
Music :Gurmit Singh
Music :Gurmoh
Editor : Manish more
Story :Gaurav Singh
Dialogues: Chandan Prabhakar
Worldwide Digital : Catrack

Synopsis : In this new Punjabi Film full of Action, Comedy and Drama, Dicky(Karan Kundra) and Vicky (Sangram Singh) are the naughtiest guys of the town who always think to con and fool their father Mr.Brar(Harpal Singh) and other people around them. They simultaneously fool the family of Sandy(Simran) and Mandy(Sandeep) to stay in their house coz they have fallen in love with the girls. They are given hard times by Jeet(Rana Jung Bahadur) and his son Sunny(ChandanPrabhakar).They create another series of lies to get rid of them. The situations become funny and complicated as the lies told by Dicky and Vicky start appearing as the true stories and they find themselves in confusing desi situations.Lol.

This New Full Punjabi Fun Movie with English Subtitles is for Free Online Watch on Youtube. One of the Best movies from India among Latest Releases.

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